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Testo di Born Invincible di Dark Alley, lyrics letras parole

Dark Alley - Born Invincible
Author: Dark Alley
Dark Alley - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per Dark Alley Born Invincible (no suonerie cellulari, scarica, streaming, download)
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Dark Alley - Born Invincible
Author: Dark Alley
Song: Born Invincible
Album: Other

[Verse 1: Gizz]
You Muthafuckas want the war you gone get it
The wicked gettin explicit
Nigga we raw
I blow this bitch up like C-4
Check my 4-4
When my shit blast
We on that ass
I lick a shot to leave you smashed
In a full body cast
So what the fuck now
Bitch ass niggaz get bucked down
Pulled yo gat but didn't shoot
So ya squad should duck down
Even though I'm after yo head
Yo whole fams dead
Any steppin in my line of fire
They life will expire
So get and retire
Send em through the burnin gates of hades
Load the mack up
Full back up
We bustin 380's
Niggaz actin crazy
Think they got our backs to the gate
Get yo gats
It's too late
My niggaz don't hesitate
My deadly's up in yo face
Ready to blow that shit off
I never miss you
Cause I hit you
Where the tissue is soft
Nigga the issue is lost
Ain't no use tryna talk
The next thing ya body's seein
Is an outline of chalk

[Chorus: Pooda]

Now where my murderers and thugs
Load the clips and shoot the slugs
If these niggaz come
Ride on me
But I was born ready to die
And I'll be sure to verify
These niggaz die for tryna
Ride on me
And see they ashes in the dirt
If they don't shoot and kill me first
So I think they better
Ride on me
Cause nigga I don't give a fuck
So if you want it nigga what
I'll be ready when you ride on me

[Verse 2: Pooda]
I'm commin deadlier than venom
And I don't need no niggaz wit me
I'm on a solo mission
If you want me come get me
These niggaz got it commin
And even if they runnin
They all fallin victim once this nigga starts gunnin
Chance to make it home when these iron burners enter ya
Automatics Flamin
And I'm turnin up they temperature
Dead or alive
They far from this ride
When the dark rain arrives
Everybody got ta die
And why
Do niggaz fake
Like they never heard of the
Nigga ta dead that ass
Then come and ride on the murderer
Die wit ya friends
Or you can die alone
Once my mind in the zone
I cripple niggaz wit the chrome
It's on
And I was taught to show no mercy
Wit a squad full of killas
Who was raised blood-thirsty
Be worthy
Of getting shit done when it's needed
Your neighborhood will suffer
Until they ass has been defeated

[Bridge: Pooda]
Now where my murderers, thugstas
Killas and hustlas
Live the fast life because
Nobody loves us
Negative thoughts is all they ever have of us
Madder than a motherfucka
Cause they can't touch us
Dark Alley killas commin hard tryna injure you
In ya residence we load them slugs
Tryna send em through
Other niggaz sleep and lost they lives
Cause they been wit you
Fuckin wit these niggaz
Who was all born invincible

[Verse 3: Razor]
Known as the nickle plated villian
Causin destruction and blastin till I'm feelin
That I'm pumpin slugs like blood
An illegal drug deala
Who the fuck want
The nigga Razorface to pop the trunk
And then dismantle
Grab an extra body armor wit the ammo
Leave a nigga skin
Burnin like candles
The ghetto vandle
4-5's wit metal handles
Make em choke
Off my gunsmoke
I gun tote
The attackin mechanic
I make em panic
Leave em sufferin from manic depression
The Smith Wesson
Got 'em shook
Left the insides cooked
And left 'em restin in peace
It never cease
It's just another murder session
Never back down
These niggaz want drama
I load the mack down
For steppin to the squad
I gots ta clear the fuckin background
Wit one shot
My enemies flee
I clear the block
And any nigga still around getting dropped
That's how we rock
I turn barrels like the hands on a clock
Cause I'm a criminal
A menace to tha streets
Fuck the world cause I'm invincible

[Chorus] [Bridge]
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Dark Alley - Born Invincible
Author: Dark Alley
Dark Alley - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per Dark Alley Born Invincible

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