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Testo di Rhymin' Skills di D Nice, lyrics letras parole

Rhymin' Skills / D Nice
Author: D Nice
D Nice - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per D Nice Rhymin' Skills (no suonerie cellulari, scarica, streaming, download)
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Rhymin' Skills / D Nice
Author: D Nice
Song: Rhymin' Skills
Album: To Tha Rescue

Come now
Now everyone comes in and says that they are
The lyrical champion
But of course there is only a few
That can really stand by that
Come now

Rhymin skill, rhymin skills (bo!)
Yes, D-Nice, you got the rhymin skills (come now)
Rhymin skill, rhymin skills (bo!)
Yes, D-Nice, you got the rhyme

The TR 808, and I cultivate with this trait
Nobody can imitate or relate, cause I'm the great (say what?)
Here's your fate, put your weight down on it
And if you try to step to me, I make you pay down pon it (bo!)
Cause I'm the one, and some compare me to the drum
The lyrics and bass combined will make your sound system hum
So when I come you should bow down greatfully
Cause even if you're protected, ya can't face the D
Cause the microphone is just a crumb in your possession
Considerin that I take the cake in this profession
So here's a lesson on the bass with smooth deliverance
And it's called the 'TR 808 experience'


There's no mistakin, there's not another brother great when
I step in the place, step out my face with the haste, and
Cause I'm the TR 808, and
Rippin the mic up, in other words you know I'm breakin
New grounds with my sounds, so don't consider
Tryin me (say what?) cause I don't pop the glitter
On my gear, no, not even a tiny bit
I'm Nice, not Ice, so I don't rock the shiny shit
I rock my Nikes instead when I strut (say what?)
I may rock a ring when I feel, but so what?
My rhymes are sharp, so they cut
You're on my tip so much, I mistake you for my cup

Right about know I want all y'all suckers to know this is real
(Yes, D-Nice, you got the rhymin skills)
So anyone who cannot go with the flow that I throw
I get the dough, and oh - now you know
I got the


Ease up and hold tight
All Brooklyn massive
All Bronx massive
All Uptown crew
Just sekkle
The mighty D-Nice come down ruff and wicked
Pop this in your cassette
The Don [Name] must rule everytime, seen?
Rhymin skill, say rhymin skill - come!
Yes, D-Nice, you have di rhymin skills - come now!
Rhymin skill, say rhymin skill - bo!
Yes, D-Nice, you have di rhymin skills - bo! No peace till justice We outta here
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Traducciˇn al espa˝ol de Rhymin' Skills D Nice - Traduction franšaise de Rhymin' Skills D Nice
Rhymin' Skills / D Nice
Author: D Nice
D Nice - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per D Nice Rhymin' Skills

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