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Testo di 84's di Custom Made Gangstas (cmg), lyrics letras parole

84's - Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Author: Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Custom Made Gangstas (cmg) - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per Custom Made Gangstas (cmg) 84's (no suonerie cellulari, scarica, streaming, download)
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84's - Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Author: Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Song: 84's
Album: If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come To The Table (feat. Big Pokey)

Southside Don Ke, Sensei
Starched down, and I'm rolling on 84's
Get your hood up, Herschelwood-Y.S.P.
Southside, feel this

[Lil' Keke:]
Starched down so clean, crease still in my jeans
Drank purple candy red, money and the dro green
Sideways, turn crooked in my ride
I'ma wipe the Lac down, it's Saturday night live
Trunk open boppers scoping, everything's good
Dro burning 4's turning, welcome to the hood
Supersonic mean green, like I'm Shawn Kemp
I'm far from a mark, but I'm some'ing like a pimp
I pull out on a hot day, Cadillac or Chevrolet
Butter seats black heat, wish a nigga would play
I'm 22's, Emmit Smith's like a big boss
My neck froze, 84's like I'm Randy Moss
I pay the cost, cause them Texas boys they ride slab
We Southside till we die, can I get some dap
It's C.M.G., S.U.C. cause it's all the same
I hit 'em hard and wreck a broad, when I'm on them thangs

[Hook x4:]
Starched down, and I'm rolling on 84's

[Big Pokey:]
Starched down, rolling on them 84's gripping wood
Swanging wide, representing Southside looking good
Turning corners in the hood, sitting on insane glass
And I got a pocket full of, do the damn thang cash
I'ma mash for my dreams, ass on the Palamene
Infra beam on the seat, hauling when I hit the scene
'64 hardtop, six tre hill green
Starched down, rolling on them Randy Moss looking clean
I'm the dude with the roof back, burning the rubber
Put a blanket on my flame, and I'm burning the cover
4-5 in the glove spot, nigga we covered
Put the wife and kids to bed, we looking for supper
I live in the struggle, got pigeons to juggle
These G colored stones, make your vision double
Sensei sick with the hustle, sick with the grind
And I'm sitting low to the flo', ridiculous shine yeah

[Hook x4]

[Lil' Keke:]
The Don and Sensei, we mobbing the highway
The wood grain is tilted, we sitting on soft grey
4's and two prone, so mirror is so glass
The Benz sitting on his ass, with a European mask
40 supreme gas, a dream of getting cash
The Vette' do 200, you can see it on the dash
The king in the building, bitches give me the crown
84's and low pros, I'll still be starched down

[Big Pokey:]
84's turning, and it's time to get our shine on
On the grind, a whole bunch of money what my mind on
I switch time zones, nigga I'm a mob boss
Vogue tire peeling off, some'ing with the ceiling off
Three wheeling off, beating like a masturbator
Deuce out the roof, when you see us passing by the haters
We got the Lexus, T-Rex's and the Navigators
Rims up on the crawl, like a alligator
[Hook x7]
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84's - Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Author: Custom Made Gangstas (cmg)
Custom Made Gangstas (cmg) - Testo lyrics parole letras, no chords torrent per Custom Made Gangstas (cmg) 84's

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